How much does it cost?
This is a FREE home haunt. We do not require our guests to pay to enter our haunt. However, we do accept donations at our "Ghost Services Table" in front of the haunt. Donate $5.00 or more to receive a Front of the Line Pass. Your help is appreciated!

Is it scary?
Yep, sure is! When we design our haunts, our #1 goal is to make it as scary as possible. We want our guests to have a memorable time. Although most people say they don't like to be scared, it is the thrill of fear that brings our guests each year. If you went to a haunted house that wasn't scary, would you ever go back?

I don't want to be scared. What should I do?
This is why we have Non-Scare Night. Every November 1 our attraction is open to anyone who is not ready for the intensity of Halloween night. It is a great way to walk at your own pace (without the monsters or loud music) and take in the scenes and decorations, whether you attended the previous night or not.

Will the monsters grab me?
Do not touch the monsters, and they will not touch you! Keep in mind that some things may accidentally bump into you, but our monsters will not intentionally grab you. However, you may be grabbed by a member of your own group.

Is there an age requirement?
After putting on these haunts, we've realized that kids come in all ages. Use your best judgment. It is really a matter of "if your kid does not want to go, don't force them." It makes it difficult for the performers and other guests to have visitors turn back halfway though the haunt. In this case, we suggest attending the Non-Scare Night.
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